Custom Challenge Coins and Law Enforcement

Law enforcements are a necessity in our community, and we ordinary citizens salute you for your everyday display of bravery and support to your fellow people in the community. That is why we would like to show our gratitude to you in such a way that it gives every policeman a sense of honor and accomplishments. And what better way to express this than with something that you can proudly wear and share as a proof with fellow policemen out there.

One of the many famous ways used is through the use of coins, tokens that can be customized to cater your every needs as a police department.

Challenge-Coin” offers the best services for all your custom challenge coins’ needs. Our custom made police coins are an ideal way for your hard work and commitment to service to go unnoticed. We assure you that the usage of such custom challenge coins will not only put a smile in every policeman’s face, but also share the joy and memory as colleagues relay on to each other different police coins as they too, exchange memories of their years of experience and tenacity on the very demanding job.

It is important to us that every officer should be well recognized with the utmost respect as such a feat cannot be pulled off by just anybody, and that it takes a lot of skill and dedication to keep our communities safe whilst putting your very lives at stake.

You also have the option of making different challenge coin designs for different specific units out there, such as the bomb squad teams, S.W.A.T. teams, detectives, crime investigators and many more teams. The level of uniqueness is assured to be unmatched, creating a consistent high grade quality for only the utmost of personnel. Police coins will be worn with pride, or even given to their loved ones, making families proud and strong, the coin being a constant reminder to their countries loyalty and patriotism.

Our professional and skilled artists are ready to muster any tasks given by you, offering different pre-made templates for all kinds of police departments, while also giving you the freedom of choice as to many of the coin’s key features, such as its shape, color, and texture. We can replicate your department’s logo to fit the custom challenge coins, or even take on a custom made design by you, either way, we are willing to put our artist’s reputation on the line as to fully satisfy your needs, especially regarding the overall metal to be used in the making of the coin, allowing you to choose from a wide selection, such as a polished gold, silver, bronze, or brass metal, an antique kin of gold, silver, bronze, or brass metal, or even a black nickel metal, the choice is entirely up to you.

We can even tweak with the over-all texture of the coin, providing a sense of artistic feeling when touched, we can even add key-chains or make the coins functional such that it can be used as a bottle opener or even encase it in a translucent enamel to give it that professional finish to it. We can even engrave on it the sequential numbering or place one around the rim of the coin, making it a lot like a currency, only this time, the value would be priceless once bestowed to the bravest.

Custom challenge coins are very versatile, they can be customized to function as an honors badge, or simply to be a fund raiser if ever the department decides to sell the coins as tokens to the people. Whatever the demand, you can be rest assured that we will give you only the highest caliber of craftsmanship. You can always check out “” for more details if ever you want to have your own customized challenge coins or special “police coins”. We can also make your customized coin have only one side or two sides of the design, we give you full control as to how the final coin will look like and feel like.

It is only fair that your bravery be properly recognized by fellow workers and by the public for the continued safety you provide. We will leave all the law enforcements to you, and leave what we do best to us. Our customer satisfaction is our number one priority, especially when it comes to the craftsmanship and quality of our products. We will help you craft police department coins that are second to none and worthy of everyone’s time. Challenge Coins 4 Less always delivers, accurately and with haste. We will not rest ‘till the job is done to the fullest, just as you have risked your very lives for us. Your profession carries a big work hazard, so in turn, we will not hesitate to gamble our reputation in the name of service.